Our Story

The journey

Hi is a UK-based family business, drawing on two generations of hibiscus blending and tasting experience. Founded on a passion for the finest offering, we are dedicated to the unique place that hibiscus drinking commands at the heart of daily life of a growing number of health-conscience consumers. Blending and drinking hibiscus with creative planning since 2000, we embarked with a passion to offer our customers an exceptional hibiscus drink expertise, to bring excitement and creativity back into the herbal infusions experience. Being healthy can also be exciting, tasty and a highly enjoyable experience …

Our commitment

At Hi we are committed to sourcing the right ingredients and in the right ways. We continuously aim to work with impoverished communities and to raise their quality of life in engaging them in meaningful work.

For decades we have worked in close partnership with numerous hibiscus farms, gaining a deep understanding of the characteristics of the hibiscus they produce and a detailed insight into the methods they employ to nurture a quality product. Our commitment to such a close partnership over many years is part of our investment in the ongoing quality of our hibiscus blends.

Social Impact

Our passion comes from years of dedicated work with communities working in the hibiscus trade, where our work has resulted in positive social impact developments. At Hi we’re committed to offering you a range of great tasting blends, with dried fruits and herbal infusions. This becomes all the more rewarding knowing the positive impact hibiscus flowers has on the farmers’ lives.